Each year, the Heritage Hills Associate Board identifies members of the community that have put lots of love and care into their homes and the neighborhood in general. At the annual meeting in January, recipients are announced and given a special platter they can proudly display in their home.



Rich and Ashley Desmond - 310 NW 20th

Gary and Fran Derrick - 500 NW 15th

Andy and Sara Burnett - 600 NW 14th



Fine Home

Ron and Denise Suttles - 327 NW 14th




Tim and Courtney Griffin - 307 NW 17th



Good Neighbor

Nancy May

Mary Kay Gumerlock

St. Luke's United Methodist Church



Carter and Fred Fellers - 1703 N. Hudson

Courtney and Ed Blau - 221 NW 20th



Fine Home

Cindy and Kyle Shutt - 315 NW 15th

Natalie Shirley and Russ Harrison - 1815 N. Hudson




Janet and Kenny McKenna - 321 NW 14th




Merrie Lynn and Steve Vaughan - 300 NW 16th

Brenda and Terry Hawkins - 1520 Classen Dr.



Good Neighbor

Linda Adams

Pete Holcome