In the Heart of Oklahoma City's Revival





Heritage Hills is less than a mile from the  economic heart of Oklahoma City.   Residents can walk down the sidewalk to a variety of restaurants and businesses - shopping, dinner, drinks, family oriented fare, entertainment, fitness centers, you name it.   Here are some of the bustling districts right on the borders of the neighborhood.


Uptown 23rd is what we call the shops and business along 23rd street between Broadway and Classen.. See what's happening on 23rd street to the north of Heritage Hills at


Midtown is what we call the area surrounding St. Anthony's Hospital just to the South of Heritage Hills. Check it out at


The Paseo is home to 17 galleries and more than 60 artists, all within walking distance. Intermingled with the galleries are fabulous restaurants, a coffee house, clothing boutique, gift shop, and other businesses  Vist The Paseo on Facebook at


Automobile Alley is one of the latest districts to experience Oklahoma City's revival.  There are numerous businesses, shops and restaurants - all very accessible - and of course with a cool history.  Learn more at


The Plaza District is right across Classen and 16th street to the west of Heritage Hills.  Stroll through to find unique shops,restaurants and entertainment venues showcasing Oklahoma's local flavor.  Visit the Plaza District online at