Historic Neighborhoods Security Association



Heritage Hills residents make up a majority of the membership in the Historic Neighborhoods Security Association (HNSA). HNSA is a non-profit corporation that oversees a dedicated patrol by uniformed Oklahoma City police officers. The volunteer Board of Directors also works on advocacy projects for greater urban security and monitors security information and reports about our area.

Membership is voluntary and separate from HPI. Residents of Heritage Hills East, Mesta Park, and nearby commercial property and business owners are also active, contributing members.


Throughout the entire city, the Oklahoma City Police Department provides police services only on demand by calling 911. There is no dedicated patrolling of the city in any area. Due to the density and attractive nature of our neighborhoods, we have established an extra layer of protection while also enjoying extra assistance and help when needed.


  • Members have immediate access to HNSA patrol officers via mobile phone.

  • Activity in the neighborhood is reported to the Board and available for further review.

  • Out of town/Vacation home checks are made upon request.

  • Suspicious activity is handled promptly, effectively, and professionally in every way.


Patrol officers have the ability to act with the full authority of the law, including making arrests and calling for special City services. Their police radios are on at all times and they carry their service weapons. HNSA owns and insures a patrol car that looks very similar to an actual Oklahoma City Police car.


Members are provided the phone number to the HNSA mobile phone which officers have with them at all times during patrol hours. Several gift items are also provided to help remind members of the number and to identify HNSA member homes and vehicles.


Your membership directly increases our patrol hours and ensures that HNSA remains a stable organization for years to come. Please join today!


Download HNSA Registration Form and HNSA EFT to sign up. For more information, call (405) 348-1436 or email security@heritagehills.org. You may also download the HNSA Brochure. Billing and office services are handled by Neighborhood Services Corporation, a third party billing agency.