Tour Spotlight: Check out 227 NW 15th

Built in 1923 by Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Taylor as both their residence and a showcase for the finest products and workmanship of their tile and marble company, Norman and Terri Thompson's home is as elegant and stylish today as it was then. Much of the original woodwork, tile, and marble is intact. The only major set of additions to the house was done when the house was less than ten years old when a bath and sitting room were added above the covered porch on the east side; and a second story was added above the garage for an apartment.

The house is a treasure trove of original art tile and marble. Visitors will appreciate the downstairs powder room with marble walls, door frame, window frame and floor; a sunroom with a water fountain, floors and wainscoting clad in Batchelder American art tiles; and a breakfast room clad in Flint Faience American art tiles. Upstairs the three bathrooms are all still outfitted in their original colorful tiles as well. One bathroom has a “toothbrushing sink” that the young Thompson daughter especially enjoys.

Three of the four bedrooms have adjacent spacious sitting rooms that might have served as sleeping porches in the time before air conditioning. Terri says that is a delight to simply sit and look out the windows in those rooms.

In addition to finding their home comfortable and soothing, the Thompsons love the life and vibrancy of the neighborhood. They enjoy sitting on their patio and speaking with people passing and also appreciate being close to the hustle and bustle of Midtown and Downtown Oklahoma City.

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