Tour Spotlight: Come see 308 NW 19th

In 1923, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Patterson and his business partner Henry Hoffman bought adjoining lots on 19th Street. Mr. Patterson and his partner were Territorial entrepreneurs who in 1901 had begun as wholesale cigar suppliers, expanded to include Gastream home heating and cooking appliances, and by 1929 operated a billiard parlor and sold wholesale billiard supplies. In keeping with their new found and hard won affluence, they used the same architect at the same time to build elegant Colonial

Revival homes in what was becoming the most desirable neighborhood in the burgeoning city. Unique to the Patterson home are an eye-lid arch over the classical entry, a porte-cochere with a sleeping room above, and the off-set porch supported by classical columns. This stately home has retained its original elegance and curb appeal, which are the attributes that drew current owners Rita and Steve Chapman to purchase it in November 2015.

The updates and maintenance of previous owners have freed the current homeowners to focus on creating a lovely and welcoming family home. A grouping of still life oil paintings in the dining room, and a snowy landscape painting in the upstairs hall were painted by Steve's grandmother, who took up painting and ceramics in her late 60s after retiring. The ceramic colonial lady in the green dress was also made by Steve's grandmother. Other artwork includes framed oversized photos or photos on canvas of the homeowners' travels. The home maintains its historic elegance while reflecting the personal warmth and style of the homeowners.

The Chapmans love living in the Heritage Hills neighborhood, not only because they admire the character and quality workmanship of their home but also because the neighborhood has the close knit feel of a small town while also being within walking distance of big city events, restaurants. and entertainment.

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