Tour Spotlight: Edwards Family Garden

Nine years ago when the Edwards purchased the home, the backyard landscaping consisted of only privet shrub serving as a fence line, so a landscape upgrade was a must. The family began formulating ideas to create a space that would reflect their love of Japanese gardens and the high deserts of Santa Fe, while still being a comfortable, practical place for their son.

Particularly impressive is the large English fountain in the back beds, which is the centerpiece of the serenity area of the garden. In addition, there is a Stone Forest granite fountain tucked back among the heirloom hosta, invoking a sense of calm. The spacious, open plan and the outdoor kitchen allow hosts to easily mingle with guests while preparing dinner.

When spring arrives, the garden is sweetly perfumed from the masses of pink flowers on the Korean viburnum, and pink tulips tucked in groupings among the evergreens. The large, orange and lemon trees, prominently displayed on the patio, also provide wonderful and calming fragrance when in bloom along with beautiful fruit for the family to enjoy. Two additional seating areas feature beautiful containers featuring unique and colorful succulents.

The Edwards are continuing a family tradition of creating peace in their surroundings and find much happiness in seeing their son enjoy this space.

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